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British Canoeing Paddle Sport Instructor

Paddle Sport Instructor £288

Paddle Sport Instructor £288

  • Do you want to have fun?
  • Like to spend time on the water?
  • With likeminded people?
  • Do you want to introduce people from all walks of life to paddlesport by running fun, engaging taster and starter sessions?

If so your pathway to becoming a Paddlesport Instructor starts here.


First of all, this is the qualification used by outdoor centres, organisations and clubs to support their activity delivery. Secondly it doesn't matter if you Canoe, Kayak, Sit on Top Kayak, Stand Up Paddleboard, this course allows you to develop your existing skills and passion for paddlesport.

  • It's your journey, our highly experienced tutors are trained to support you throughout this practical course.
  • Your course will support you to run games, activities to support learning and inspire adventure for new paddlers.
  • This qualification is open to everyone over 14 years of age!


The programme will explore a variety of subjects, here is an outline of what you will cover during your course:


  • How to effectively prepare a group for an activity (e.g. kitting up and getting afloat);
  • Together you will play with a range of activities to engage the group (e.g. games, tasks and journeys);
  • You will explore a range of motivating activities and games that support learning;
  • The tutors will support you to plan ways of using mini journeys to inspire adventure and exploration;
  • You will develop ideas that allow you to help participants learn basic skills;
  • Our tutors will share top tips and quick fixes for common challenges to accelerate learning;
  • You will investigate how to select suitable equipment for participants;
  • You will explore methods of maintaining participants’ safety and develop your understanding of deployment matters.

There will be opportunities to develop and progress your own paddling skills and meet likeminded people during the course, many of our course candidates develop long lasting friendships, connections and contacts.

You can read the full course guide here: Paddlesport Instructor Course Guide

You could also take a look at the Free Paddlesport Instructor eLearning Click here

  • This course includes a hot breakfast, Packed lunch and tea, coffee and biscuits in the afternoon on both days. 
  • Accomodation will need to be requested and will be subject to availability.