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Camp Anderton 4 day

Camp Anderton 4 day

Camp Anderton 4 day

The Anderton Centre is proud to announce the launch of...... Camp Anderton

Camp Anderton is a  4 / 5 day residential camp for 10-14 year old's. The cost is all inclusive of accommodation, catering, and of cause our fantastic activities.

Our highly qualified Instructors will deliver the best outdoor activity sessions exploring the water on a Canoe, Kayak, Stand-up Paddle Board, Sailing, as well as as exploring its Land activities such as Leap of Faith, Crate Stack, Tree Climb, Bush Craft and Archery

We have  created achievable goals for all children to complete whilst on camp. The “Anderton Monopoly” At the end of the day the children will have completed tasks and challenges to receive a prize for the hard work and trying new things throughout the day.

Sample Program:

Day 1. Will include getting to know one another a mixture of games, land activities, checking-in, evening session and chill time.

Day 2. We will be heading down to our reservoir and having a full day in Canoes and Kayaks, and an evening session with some chill time.

Day 3. Using our trees and Friends at Bolton University we will be Climbing a Mixture of Trees, Crates and 30 Meter walls with again an evening session with time to chill and call family.

Day 4. Sailing Day, the children will be learning how to sail in out sailing boats for the full day an evening of disco party and talent show.