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British Canoeing Foundation Safety and Rescue Training

British Canoeing Foundation Safety and Rescue Training

British Canoeing Foundation Safety and Rescue Training

Do you want the skills to stay out of trouble? Want to know what to do if either you or others fall into the water? Then the Foundation Safety and Rescue Training (FSRT) could be for you!

Your course will support you to consider safe practices, provide practical solutions to common issues and appropriate responses to incidents, providing peace of mind when venturing out onto the water.


First of all, this award is all about keeping safe on sheltered water venues. So, whether you are paddling with friends or using the training course as preparation for Instructing and Leadership qualifications, this practical course is packed with safe, practical solutions. It doesn't matter about your age or whether you Kayak, Stand Up Paddleboard, Canoe or Sit on Top, this course is solution focused and covers a full range of paddlesport craft.

If you needed any more convincing, the course is completely based around training, raising awareness with no assessment. Structured to support you, our experienced tutors will ensure you have plenty of time practising, as well as understanding how you can develop skills and experience after the course.

The course will cover many subjects; here is an outline of what you will explore during your course:

  • You will develop an understanding of safety principles and protocols;
  • You will explore and practice different ways to provide a rescue from a bank;
  • The tutors will support you in practising rescues from your craft;
  • You will develop techniques to rescue swimmers from the water;
  • Our tutors will share with you top tips to get paddlers back into their craft;
  • You will know how to look after yourself and get others to the side;
  • You will explore solutions if multiple paddlers end up in the water.
  • There will be opportunities to develop and progress your own paddling skills and meet like-minded people during the course.
  • Many of our course candidates develop long lasting friendships, connections and contacts.

You can read the Syllabus here: FSRT Syllabus

There is no need to register for this training course, by using the 'find a course' function you can book straight onto the 8-hour course. However, to get the best from your course you need to feel comfortable being in the water and be able to independently paddle your craft. Holding the Paddle Explore Award would put you in a position to fully engage and enjoy your course.

This course includes a hot breakfast, a hot lunch with tea, coffee and biscuits in the afternoon.