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British Canoeing Sheltered Water Training

Sheltered Water Coach Training £288

Sheltered Water Coach Training £288

  • Do you want to coach canoeing and kayaking?
  • Want to support your club?
  • Looking to start your career in coaching paddlesport?

If the answer is yes to any of those questions, the Canoe and Kayak (Sheltered Water) Coach Award could be for you!


First of all, you will be joining a community of like minded individuals, keen to learn, develop and have fun whilst sharing their love of paddlesport. The Coach Award supports your development through formal and informal opportunities, part of your journey will involve an assessment, but this is just the start as we believe in life long opportunities for learning.

You can use the Coach Award to support you if your a:

  • Self employed coach
  • Volunteer or work at a clubs,
  • Work at a centre  or for an organisation.

It is an appropriate level of training for those looking to develop individuals paddlesport knowledge and skills in a sheltered water environment.

Being a Canoe and Kayak coach can be challenging as you will need to demonstrate competence in both Canoe and Kayak.

(We also offer the following qualification options Canoe CoachKayak Coach and Stand up Paddleboard Coach).

However organisations often look to recruit Canoe and Kayak Coaches for lead Instructor, chief instructor roles at multi activity sites.


Designed, to support you to coach paddlers who want to gain/improve their paddlesport skills.

You will coach in canoe and/or kayak in the sheltered water environment. This will include coaching beginners new to the sport, or paddlers looking to develop their skills.

As a Coach you can work independently or you could be deployed by a club, centre or organisation. Being a Canoe and Kayak Coach allows you to design coaching to support your learners. You will be able to provide British Canoeing Awards and Training such as:

Note: other experience, training or qualifications may be required find out more in our develop skills section.

There will be opportunities during your development to becoming a coach to progress your own paddling skills and meet like-minded people. Many of our course candidates develop long lasting friendships, connections and contacts.


Click through the tabs for more info or read the course guide here.