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Terms and Conditions

Anderton Centre-LOAI Ltd
Activity Booking Terms & Conditions
1.1 VAT subject to status.
1.2 All activities are subject to availability and are weather dependent.
1.3 All bookings are to be paid in full through the online booking portal.
1.4 All bookings are final
3.1 Anderton Centre-LOAI Ltd shall notify the client of cancellation not less than five days prior to the commencement date. 
3.2 In the event of cancellation clients will be offered the choice of the following options: -
3.2.1 Full refund or
3.2.2 Alternative day/days.
4.1 Anderton Centre-LOAI Ltd does not accept any liability for personal injury to, or the death of any participant caused, or for the loss or damage therein, unless caused by proven negligence of the company.
4.2 Anderton Centre-LOAI Ltd carries full legal liability insurance for such circumstances.  However, clients are advised to ensure that they are covered by insurance for personal accident, personal liability or loss or damage to personal property.
5.1 The group leader is responsible for the behaviour and conduct of the group whilst at the Anderton Centre, groups must be adequately supervised at all times. 
5.2 Our Health & Safety procedures are there to protect everyone as well as comply with the law and will be explained to you by a member of staff.  You are required to follow safe procedures to ensure that you and others come to no harm.
5.3 We operate a zero tolerance policy with regard to abuse, verbal or otherwise towards staff or other Centre users. We reserve the right to ask any participant or group to leave without refund in the case of misconduct.
5.4 Any damages to Centre property or equipment due to misuse will be chargeable.
6.1 You must inform Anderton Centre-LOAI Ltd with the return of your booking form any illness, disability or any medical treatment being received that could have an effect on the activities you or your group members are undertaking at The Anderton Centre.
7.1 If a customer of Anderton Centre-LOAI Ltd has cause for dissatisfaction then this should be made known to the Centre Manager David Germain by telephoning 01257 484220 or by letter or email inof@andertoncentre.co.uk
I understand that:
8.1 that all bookings are final, and cancellations by the client are not subject to refunds. 
9.1 I have had brought to my attention the Terms & Conditions relating to this booking in particular those concerning cancellation.
9.2 I understand that bookings are accepted on the understanding that Anderton Centre-LOAI Ltd safety regulations are observed.
9.2.1 I accept that Anderton Centre-LOAI Ltd is not under any liability whatsoever in respect to loss or damage to personal property, not caused by the negligence or fault of Anderton Centre-LOAI Ltd., its suppliers, its agents and employees during activity days.