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D of E Gold Residential Project

D of E Gold Residential Project

D of E Gold Residential Project

This course fulfils the requirements for the residential element of the Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award and will provide

participants with the opportunities to challenge themselves in a wild adventurous environment, meet new people and

discover new skills along the way.

Check out our video from a previous project: Anderton Gold Residential Project

The course will be lead by experienced, highly qualified and passionate Outdoor professionals. The course focuses on a wilderness adventure, and  is delivered on site at the Anderton Centre and in the surrounding area. All activities are covered by the Anderton Centre's Adventurous Activities Licence and the centre has been approved by the Duke of Edinburgh's Award, as a Gold Residential provider.

 What is included?

· Up to 9 hours activity a day

· Catered 

· Campsite fees, access fees, transport

· Specialist equipment

For more information have chat with Chief D of E Instructor Paul dofe@andertoncentre.co.uk

Throughout the course, there will be multiple opportunities to address sustainability in the outdoors, and what we can do to "leave no trace" and help maintain these environments for future enjoyment.