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Muslim Girls Paddle Sport Club (High Rid)

Muslim Girls Paddle Sport Club

Muslim Girls Paddle Sport Club

           Muslim Girls Paddle Sport Club

These sessions will be held at The Anderton Centre, New Road, Chorley, PR69HG. Access via New Road only, NOT Horobin Lane.  

Minimum age of 8 years old. Children under 12 years old must be accompanied on the water by their female parent / guardian. The parent / guardian will also need to book a ticket. Anyone age 12 - 17, must be accompanied by their parent / guardian, but they can observe form the bank. 

To book, please select a date and follow the steps.

Muslim Girls Paddle Sport Club is a women-led monthly paddle session for women and girls and an opportunity to try out paddling as a recreational activity, a fun sport or a future hobby in an all-female setting!

Why try Paddlesport? There are numerous benefits of paddling for girls and women, such as:


  • ·        Fresh air and an exciting outdoor activity
  • ·        Great core and whole-body workout
  • ·        Improved mental health and self-esteem
  • ·        Improved self-awareness and energy levels
  • ·        Learning new skills while having fun
  • ·        Opportunity to socialise and make new friends

There will be changing rooms, toilets and a classroom/prayer area available. The session will be run by 2 female coaches, and has 20 spaces available with a choice of crafts (SUPs – stand up paddleboards, and SOT – sit on top kayaks). Sessions will include basic paddling skills, activities and games. Sessions are suitable for beginners. Paddling sessions are free of charge until 2023!

Gear: comfortable non-cotton sportswear for summer months (wetsuits and dry-cags/windbreakers will be provided for colder weather) and bring a towel and change of clothes. Ideas for the gear: long tunic and trousers, burkini, jogging suits. Headgear (if worn): non-cotton hijab (please use safe pins if required), sports hijab, burkini hood, etc. If you wear a veil (niqab), please ensure it is tucked in or wear a sports version (balaclava type). Shoes: old trainers or aqua shoes. No sandals or flip-flops. If you wear gloves, please wear non-cotton version.

 Any queries, please contact Anna, kayakinghijabi@gmail.com

  • You will need to bring the following equipment- 
  • A full change of clothing (to get wet) 
  • Fleece or warm jacket and a woolly hat 
  • Shoes to get wet (No Open Toed Shoes, Flip, Flops or Sliders)
  • Towel 
  • Hand Sanitizer 
  • Water Bottle 
  • Snacks 
  • Medication (if required and please inform your instructor) 
  • Sun cream if the session is during the daytime
  • Prayer mat if you wish to pray on premises.

*Image supplied by Nicki Douglas-Lee Photography