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Navigation Workshop for Women

Navigation Workshops for Women

Navigation Workshops for Women

Workshop participants:

The workshop is designed for women who want to gain confidence in their navigation skills, from beginners to the more experienced who may want to progress towards Mountain Training qualifications such as the Lowland Leader Award.

This workshop can be used as an introduction to map reading and navigation or can be used as a refresher for those wishing to pursue Mountain Training Qualifications.

Workshop outline:

The following areas will be covered during the course of this 1 day workshop which will take place on the hill using map and compass skills. The following will be covered:

  • Map orientation relating the map to ground and vice versa using the OS 1:25 map for the West Pennine Moors
  • Locating position correctly on the hill, being able to relocate and provide a six figure grid referenc
  • Identify key features on the map, use of scales and symbols.
  • Contour interpretation to confirm accurate navigation
  • Measure distance with pacing and timing
  • Introduce compass skills
  • Debrief with suggestions for further training


Equipment required:

  • Walking equipment including waterproof jacket and over trousers, appropriate equipment for the time of year which may include head torch, spare clothing, hat and gloves, spare food.
  • Rucksack for carrying personal gear and spare clothing (Can be provided)
  • Map and compass (Can be provided)
  • Personal first aid kit

This course includes a hot breakfast, packed lunch and tea, coffee and biscuits in the afternoon.