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RYA Better Sailing

RYA Level 3 Better Sailing

RYA Level 3 Better Sailing

This improver course seeks to bridge the gap between Start Sailing, Basic Skills and the Advanced Modules.  It offers an introduction to the different advanced modules allowing sailors to select more easily their preferred route within the sport.  Better Sailing allows the opportunity to practice and consolidate sailing techniques and experience some of the activities that the advanced modules have to offer.  This course will help to build confidence and support development of good technique and independent sailing.

Pre requisites: Minimum Age 16 Years Old. For younger participants we would recommend the Junior Learn to Sail.  For this course you should hold the RYA Level 2 Basic Skills certificate, or have sufficient experience to sail a dinghy efficiently around a course without instructions.

Cost: £150

Course duration: 2 days (usually Saturday and Sunday)

Timings: 8.30am - 4.30pm

Catering: Breakfast and cooked lunch provided.

Course dates 2023:

- 1st & 2nd July

- 16th & 17th September