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RYA Safe & Fun

Safe & Fun £14.40

Safe & Fun £14.40


For those wishing to obtain an instructor qualification or just working with young people within a club/training environment “a vital introduction to dealing with the safeguarding environment.

This course is suitable for anyone working with children and vulnerable adults in an RYA environment. This includes those volunteering or working at recognised training centres and affiliated clubs. The course is undertaken online and it provides a basic level of knowledge and awareness, put in the context of realistic scenarios that anyone could encounter at their club or centre. It is a requirement for all newly qualifying Level 2 Racing Coaches, Dinghy and Windsurfing Instructors and Senior Instructors to complete prior to their instructor/coach training course.

We can get you set up for the course within a short period of time and all the resources you require are available online allowing you to complete the course at a time and pace to suit each individual.

A taster video of the course can be accessed here  Safe & Fun Course Taster Video

The RYA estimate the course equates to the same as 3 hours of classroom teaching and you may take more or less time to complete the course. You can undertake the training at your own pace, either all in one go or in a number of short sessions.

The cost of the course is £14.40. This includes the course and online/telephone support from our Instructors if needed.

NOTE: When selecting this course, choose December 31st as the date on the calender, you will then be able to book on and purchase.