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Sailing Pay and Play

Sailing Pay and Play

Sailing Pay and Play

This is a chance for beginners to come and try sailing for the first time or for people who have sailed before, just to get out on the water and brush up on some old skills.

This session is only appropriate for people aged 12 and above. We ask that anyone booking has good water confidence and can swim. 

Things are going to be a little different and feel a little strange, but please bear with us. We have made the following changes to ensure the safety of both our staff and visitors. 

COVID - 19 Safe Adaptions. 

  • Please arrive no earlier than 15 minutes before your allotted session 
  • Please park only in the available parking bays, which have been segregated
  • Please wait in, or next to your vehicle. You will be met by a member of LOAI - Anderton Centre Staff, and guided around the site.
  • Please only attend site if you are taking part in the session, no spectators allowed at this stage.
  • Please follow all instructions, failure to do so may result in being asked to leave and no refund will be given.
  • We will be adhering to social distancing guidelines and staying 1 metres + apart at all times. There will be one way systems in operation.
  • Boat house toilets will be available on a 1 in, 1 out basis.
  • Sessions are limited to a maximum of 6 people 
  • Changing rooms will not be available, please bring towels to change by your vehicle. 
  • Wetuits will not be available.
  • Please vacate the site within 15 minutes after the end your session. 
  • Food must not be consumed on site; A personal water bottle is fine.  
  • You may be asked to carry and move equipment around a little more than normal under the instruction from LOAI - Anderton Staff
  • We will still be providing safety cover, but will only breach the 1 metre + social distancing if there is a more serious risk. With this is mind, please consider your own ability. 
  • Adapted sessions not suitable for under 12's 

Please do not come to the site if:
1. You have signs of a fever or high temperature 
2. You have a persistent cough or respiratory problems
3. You have knowingly been in contact with, or within close proximity of a confirmed or potential source of the virus. 

Failure to follow these guidelines will result in an immediate request to leave the site and no refunds will be issued.